Project Recap

“Back to Basics”
House Pad Preparation

Completion Date: October 2017
Location: Peel Region, Western Australia

Project Background:

In a distinctive shift from our usual drainage-focused projects, October 2017 saw us returning to the fundamental skills of earthmoving and land preparation. This “Back to Basics” project allowed us to showcase our versatility in handling diverse construction and preparation tasks, this time for a residential project in the scenic Peel Region of Western Australia.

Scope of Work:

Our team embarked on a comprehensive project to prepare a 540 square meter house pad for a valued client and good friend, Grant. The project involved several key stages:

  • Access Track Construction: We began by constructing a limestone access track, ensuring smooth and sustainable entry to the project site.
  • Bush Clearing and De-rooting: The site was initially covered with dense bushland. Our team meticulously cleared the vegetation and removed roots from the soil, setting the stage for a stable house pad.
  • Levelling and Compaction: With the ground cleared, we proceeded to level and compact the soil across the 540 square meter area, creating a solid and even foundation for the construction of Grant’s home.
  • Digging Footings: As a comprehensive service provider, we also took on the task of digging the footings for the house, ensuring they met the precise specifications required for a stable and secure structure.

Reflections on the Project:

This project was a refreshing return to the core skills of land preparation and construction. It was a pleasure to work closely with Grant, contributing our expertise to his vision for a new home. The project reinforced the importance of versatility and adaptability in our line of work, demonstrating our capability to switch gears from complex drainage solutions to foundational construction tasks with ease and efficiency.

Gratitude and Looking Forward:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Grant for trusting us with such a crucial part of his home-building journey. This project was a reminder of the satisfaction derived from delivering foundational work that supports our clients’ dreams. As we move forward, we remain committed to providing versatile, high-quality services across all aspects of construction, earthmoving, and land preparation.

Massive Drainage System Installed in Perth Western Australia
Massive Drainage System Installed in Perth Western Australia
Massive Drainage System Installed in Perth Western Australia
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